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CNC Laser Cutting

Falcon’s laser cutting facility offers customers a fine tolerance, clean cut profiling service. We are also able to offer a fast turnaround laser profiling service if you simply need material cut to shape.

Laser profiling is ideal for intricate designs. With zero tooling costs and reduced set-up charges it is also extremely cost effective for prototypes or small batch production.

Our new BySprint 3015 Fibre Laser is able to cut a maximum sheet size of 3000mm x 1500mm, and material thicknesses as follows:

Material Thickness
Mild Steel Up to 20mm
Stainless Steel Up to 12mm
Aluminium Up to 12mm
Brass/Copper Up to 6mm
CNC Punching

Falcon’s CNC punching facility is ideal for medium to large volume production with a 41 station turret with three auto indexing stations.

We have an extensive stock of tooling including standard cut-outs, countersinks, louvers, dimples, electronic connector cut-outs and form tools. By utilising our existing tooling profiles within your design, you have the opportunity to reduce both tooling costs and manufacturing lead time by eliminating the necessity to purchase additional tooling. A full list of Falcon’s tooling stock is available on request. The maximum sheet size is 2500mm x 1250mm, and material thicknesses as follows:

Material Thickness
Mild Steel Up to 4mm
Stainless Steel Up to 3mm
Aluminium Up to 5mm
Copper Up to 3mm
Brass Up to 4mm
Plastic Up to 6mm dependent on material type
CNC Forming

Falcon’s CNC forming machines include the multi-axis down-stroking press brake with an instant reactive beam.  This achieves parallel beam deflection to ensure consistent bending accuracy.  We have an extensive stock of tooling to form a range of profiles including Dutch folds, radius and mark-free forming. The maximum length is 2500mm, and material thicknesses as follows:

Material Thickness
Mild Steel Up to 6mm
Stainless Steel Up to 6mm
Aluminium Up to 6mm
Copper Up to 6mm
Brass Up to 6mm
Plastic Up to 6mm dependent on material type

Falcon offer the following welding services in a range of materials including aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel:

  • MIG Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • Spot Welding
  • Stud Welding

All parts  are dressed to a high standard with finishing processes applied to meet your specific requirements.

Mechanical Assembly

Falcon offer an assembly service where product can be supplied fully assembled or packed in kit form to suit your specific requirements.

Our assembly equipment includes the Haeger 824 touch screen insertion machine with insertion logic software and tool-indexing system.  This enables our operator to insert up to four different types or sizes of fasteners in a single handling, maximizing throughput while reducing work-in-process and part handling.

We also have Pemserter insertion presses and Avdel Guns used to fit a range of fasteners including studs, stand-offs, nuts, and rivets.
We are able to fit hinges, handles, castors, insulation, overlays and other components in order to complete your mechanical assembly specification.

CNC Machining

Falcon’s machining service includes milling, drilling, tapping
and turning.

Our continuous investment in CNC machinery and tooling enables us to produce high quality precision components in one off, small and medium batch quantities.

We are able to work with a range of materials which includes mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and plastic.  We will also ensure that all parts are fully finished to your specificatation with bead blasting, rumble de-burring, plating and painting applied as required.

Customization of Plastic and Die Cast Components

As part of Falcon’s machining capability we are able to customize standard plastic and die cast components.

Our high speed CNC Mill with a spindle rotational speed of up to 60,000 rpm is ideal for working with plastics and aluminium and is capable of cutting corner radii of 0.15mm.

Whether you require additional cut-outs in plastic enclosures or extruded aluminium cut to length and modified, then Falcon can ensure that the standard product is customized to meet your specific requirements.

Full Finishing Service

In order to complement our manufacturing service and to fully support our customers, Falcon offer the following finishing services:

  • Plating which includes anodise, alocrom, iridite, zinc passivate, tin plate, electroless nickel plate
  • Powder Coating
  • Wet Painting and Stove Enamelling
  • Screen Printing and Overlays
  • Engraving
Falcon will ensure all parts are supplied to you fully finished within our standard lead time.

Falcon can work closely with you at the design stage to achieve the best design for manufacture. This will give the opportunity to:

  • Identify potential manufacturing problems at an early stage
  • Advise how best to achieve reduced manufacturing costs whilst maintaining the integrity of your design.

We can review all aspects of manufacture taking into account such things as material selection, manufacturing capabilities, dimensional tolerances and secondary processes such as finishing and assembly.

Using Autodesk Inventor® 3D CAD modelling we are able to receive and process electronic drawings in various formats including Dxf, Dwg, Iges, Igs, Step, Stp and Sat.  We can also work from paper drawings and concepts.


Falcon offer a rapid prototyping service giving you the opportunity to carry out cost effective product evaluation prior to production.

Our 3D CAD and laser cutting technology provide highly accurate components with minimal tooling costs, and our 24 hour operating facility enables you to evaluate your product with the minimum of delay.

Once the prototype has been approved, Falcon will be able to ensure a smooth transition to small batch or large volume production.

Small Batch and Large Volume Production

As part of our flexible approach Falcon has the capability to supply prototypes, small batch and large volume production.

Where forecast demand allows, Falcon can operate Just In Time (JIT), Kanban or scheduled deliveries so you can receive product “on demand” straight from stock.

Our production control software provides full traceability of production batches and gives instant visibility of current stock levels to help plan for fluctuations in demand.

Industry Sectors

Falcon provide a one-stop sheet metalwork manufacturing service to a diverse range of industries which includes:

Aerospace Communications Electronics Medical
Audio Visual Controls and Instrumentation Energy Security
Automotive Defence Marine Transport

Falcon Precision specialise in high quality Sheet Metalwork and Machining

From Design and Manufacture, through to Finish and Assembly