CNC Forming

Consistent High Precision CNC Forming

Falcon’s continued investment in modern CNC press brakes ensures we are able to form simple and intricate parts with consistent bending accuracy and efficiency.

Our forming facility includes multi-axis press brakes with an instant reactive beam.  The beam design and large working envelope give our experienced operators great flexibility whilst the energy saving technology reduces costs and improves productivity.


Our maximum forming length is 2500mm, and material thicknesses as follows:Amada Press Brake for CNC Forming

Material Thickness
Mild Steel Up to 6mm
Stainless Steel Up to 6mm
Aluminium Up to 6mm
Copper Up to 6mm
Brass Up to 6mm
Plastic Up to 6mm dependent on material type



Formed Brass Plate


Falcon have an extensive stock of form tooling including tools for Dutch folds, radius and mark-free forming.






If you would like to discuss your CNC Forming requirements or have any other enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.  One of our experts will be pleased to help.


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