CNC Machining Upgrade

Falcon Precision have recently invested in our on-site CNC Machining capabilities. Both of our on-site machining centres have received significant upgrades, keeping them at the cutting edge for years to come.

Datron M35

Falcon’s high speed 3-axis Datron M35 was first bought in 2004 and has since gone through a number of upgrades to keep pace with customer demand. The recent upgrade includes a brand new 60,000rpm 2kw digital spindle and a new water cooling system. This enables the operator to remove more material per cut, decreasing machining time and cost to the customer. The new water cooling system keeps the spindle from overheating, improving accuracy and reducing maintenance downtime.

The Datron M35 is perfect for sheet metal machining, allowing customers to mill pockets, chamfer edges or engrave text onto thin sheet metal. The high speed of the spindle means the cutter leaves a high quality surface finish, making it ideal for engraving front panels, modifying plastic enclosures or machining bespoke heat sinks.


Dugard Eagle 760

The Dugard Eagle 760 is our heavier duty 3-axis mill. Designed for taking heavier cuts, it is used for machining small to medium sized aluminium and steel billets. We manufacture high quality custom enclosures, precision brackets, large heat sinks and can modify cast boxes.

By having on site CNC machining capabilities, Falcon can react to orders fast as a one-stop service for customers. This means we can modify sheet metal parts without having to fit in with a sub-contractors work schedule. Other customers benefit from us making sure that their sheet metal lid fits perfectly with their machined enclosure. Falcon have been manufacturing sheet metal components for 30 years and have been CNC machining for 15 years. Few companies on the south coast can boast this level of experience and expertise. And with our customers returning year after year, we may see further investment in this area soon.

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