New LED Flood Lights Installed

Falcon Precision have recently installed 24 state of the art 90W Discus Gen2 LED flood lights in our warehouse area to improve quality and safety across our sheet metal production line.

It was recently highlighted in our latest management meeting that a number of key stages in the sheet metal manufacturing process could benefit from upgrading our warehouse lighting, such as our welding, grinding and sub-contract inspection departments. However, due to the regular levels of inspection Falcon carries out and the high tolerance of sheet metal components produced, it was agreed that all departments would benefit to some extent.

The benefits of improved lighting in the workplace is becoming wider known, poor lighting can cause health issues such as headaches, discomfort, eye strain, dizziness, and tiredness. Recent research has indicated that 85% of workers suffered from headaches as a result of poor lighting in the workplace. Eyestrain has been listed as a leading cause of stress in the workplace, which can lead to major health issues like anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma and arthritis.

Current research underlines how good quality light influences human vitality, energy, mood, alertness and work performance. LED lighting can have a positive impact on employees by boosting physical, physiological, and psychological health and well-being, therefore enhancing performance and reducing absenteeism.

The 90W Discuss Gen2 High Bay LED lighting system was quickly identified as the ideal solution for Falcon. The Discus Gen 2 is specifically designed for lighting large areas such as warehouses and factories, inside and out. By replacing our traditional 400W mercury vapour halide lamps, Falcon will also benefit from the cost and downtime of expensive lamp replacement and maintenance, as well as the safety and inconvenience behind replacing the bulbs.

Sheet Metal Factory LED

Falcon’s New LED Lighting

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